Penentuan Konsentrasi Kritis Misel (CMC) Surfaktan bertujuan untuk mengukur nilai konsentrasi misel kritis (CMC) pada berbagai surfaktan. Prinsip dari. surfaktan dilakukan dengan uji penentuan konsentrasi kritis misel (KKM) dengan metode turbidimetri, pengukuran kestabilan busa, uji penentuan kestabilan. rhamnolipida yang mempunyai gugus hidroksi, ester, karboksilat dan rantai alifatik Biosurfaktan mempunyai nilai konsentrasi kritis misel (KKM) mg/L dan .

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Log In Sign Up. The search for efficient methods for the synthesis of metal nanoparticles has been widely explored. Within this context, the use of biological materials such as plants, algae, bacteria and fungi has been reported to various metal Within this context, the use of biological materials such as plants, algae, bacteria and fungi has been reported to various metal nanoparticles as an efficient, low-cost and environmental friendly approach.

In this paper we present a single-step method for synthesizing gold nanoparticles, by using essential oils from Brazilian Eucalyptus leaves urograndis and dunnii. A theoretical study on photomagnetic fluorescent protein chromophore coupled diradicals and their possible applications. We have designed and theoretically studied three different pairs of green fluorescent protein chromophores and their different homologue-based diradicals coupled with imino nitroxides.

To begin with, the geometries of all these diradicals To begin with, the geometries of all these diradicals have been optimized at high spin HS state in the gas phase, in a water medium and in a blood plasma medium.

The process of calculations is straightforward and well-established in the case of the gas phase. However, for calculations in water, we have adopted our own N-layer integrated molecular orbital and molecular mechanics ONIOM method. Similarly for the blood phase calculations, the polarized continuum model PCM method has been adopted. With these optimized geometries the magnetic exchange coupling constant J values are estimated for these diradicals in different media using the broken symmetry BS approach in an unrestricted DFT framework.

We have found that these diradicals have an ability to change their magnetic nature from antiferromagnetic in the trans form to ferromagnetic in the cis form upon irradiation of light with the appropriate wavelength.

Using a time-dependent DFT TDDFT technique, the required wavelengths of light by which non-fluorescent dark trans diradicals turn into their corresponding bright fluorescent cis isomers are determined for each pair of diradicals for the gas and water media.

This color change is indeed a signature of the change in magnetic state of the diradicals concerned. From our calculations we ambitiously expect that if these diradicals are synthesized then they might be used as a successful, non-hazardous magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent MRICA in place of other metal-based contrast agents.

Tujuan dari percobaan ini adalah untuk Tujuan dari percobaan ini adalah untuk mendapatkan komposisi komposit polimer elektrolit padat yang memiliki tingkat transport ion yang tinggi sebagai separator dan mengetahui pengaruh variasi komposisi filler dan garam pada hasil sintesis membran komposit polimer elektrolit.

Metode yang digunakan ialah solution casting dengan doctor blade. Hasil yang didapat, konduktivitas dihitung dengan EIS, konduktiviras ion berubah dibandingkan dengan kontrol setelah penambahan filler TiO2. Frekuensi – cm-1 Al2O3. Pada karakterisasi SEM dapat dilihat persebaran atau distribusi partikel dari TiO2 yang berbanding lurus dengan bertambahnya komposisi.


In the framework of the spin and pseudospin pspin symmetry, In the framework of the spin and pseudospin pspin symmetry, we obtain the energy eigenvalue equation and the corresponding eigenfunctions in closed form by using the Nikiforov—Uvarov method. Also Special cases of the potential as been considered and their energy eigen values as well as their corresponding eigen functions are obtained for both relativistic and non-relativistic scope.

Partitioning studies of DGME were conducted in test tubes at ambient temperature and after 24 hr at 70 degrees C in a convection oven. Phase height was measured by vernier calipers. During creation of the 7-kg pilot-scale batches, congealed material was observed between the sweep agitation blade and the discharge port, where the Brogli homogenizer is not temperature jacketed.

Factors that increased the amount of congealed material were higher temperatures during primary emulsification and longer cooling times. Partitioning studies revealed that DGME resides in the aqueous external phase of this formulation. Microscopy studies revealed that DGME in the external phase of this cream has a profound impact on the solubility of certain solid, waxy excipients e. During manufacturing, it is hypothesized that the presence of DGME in the external phase alters the solubility of certain solid, waxy excipients in the formula such that they no longer primarily reside in the internal oil phase.

On cooling, these materials precipitate or congeal in the external phase.

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The fractional factorial experimental design at the g laboratory scale did not predict the issues encountered during scale-up. Applications to Biological Macromolecules. Discerning and implementing the said criteria are fundamentals in the development good VBCI Products.

Contriving the vapour pressure of VBCI Products is of the paramount importance for the said development and is foundational for all VCI manufacturers to consider, as divergent of VCI carriers are used to accommodate each particular application due to the extensive utilization of VCI products. Influence of bioactive compounds in Grevillea Influence of bioactive compounds in Grevillea robusta leaf extract contributes for adsorption properties towards Mild Steel MS.

The maximum inhibition efficiency of GRL extract was SEM analysis confirmed formation of protective layer on mild steel surface. Inhibition efficiency was found to increase with increasing concentration of GRL extract at room temperature.

Results from various studies show that GRL can serve as an effective inhibitor for mild steel corrosion in 1N HCl medium. Keywords— Grevillea robusta, weight loss method, quantum chemical studies, bioactive compounds, corrosion inhibitor. A table of the products is drawn. It is shown that magnetite and hydrogen can be produced Magnetite is not a primary product. Thermodynamic functions are calculated for elementary reactions of hydrolysis and carbonation of olivine and pyroxene and E-pH diagrams are analyzed.

It is shown that the hydrolysis of the iron endmember is endothermic and can proceed within the exothermic hydrolysis of the magnesium endmember and also within the exothermic reactions of carbonations. The distinction between three products of the iron hydrolysis, magnetite, goethite and hematite is determined with E-pH diagrams.

These theoretical results are confirmed by the products observed in several related laboratory experiments.

The case of radiolyzed water is studied. Considering the evolution of rocks during their interaction with water, in the absence of oxygen and konsentraasi radiolyzed water, with hydrothermal release of H2 and the plausible associated formation of components of life, geobiotropic signatures are proposed. Chromium Tolerance and Reduction Potential of a Bacillus sp.


The changes that take place during the shelf life of…. In this review article, formulae based innovative mnemonics have been discussed to create interest and remove phobia of students in the field of inorganic and organic chemistry. Educators can use these numerous mnemonics in their teaching Educators can use these numerous mnemonics in their teaching style in the classroom lectures after discussing conventional methods to make chemistry intriguing.

SAINSTEK | Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Teknologi

Here, I kondentrasi tried to focus some time economic mnemonics by including thirty five 35 new formulae in the field of chemical education. It will encourage students to solve multiple choice type questions MCQs at different competitive examinations in a time economic ground.

This review article emphasizes chemical education in the light of a variety of mnemonic techniques to make inorganic and organic chemistry metabolic, time economic and intriguing for students because the use of mnemonics in classroom lectures is an essential tool to become a distinguished educator. Refractive index and molar refraction of methacrylate monomers and polymers. Addressing the contemporary waste management is seeing a shift towards energy production while managing waste sustainably.

Consequently, waste treatment through gasification is slowly taking over the waste incineration with multiple Consequently, waste treatment through gasification is slowly taking over the waste incineration with multiple benefits, including simultaneous waste management and energy production while reducing landfill volumes and displacing konsenrtasi fossil fuels.

Only in the UK, there are around 14 commercial plants built to operate on gasification technology. These include fixed bed and fluidized bed gasification reactors.

Ultra-clean tar free gasification of waste is now the best available technique and has experienced a significant shift from two-stage gasification and combustion towards a one-stage system for gasification and syngas cleaning.

Nowadays in gasification sector, more companies are developing commercial plants with tar cracking and syngas cleaning. Moreover, gasification can be a practical scheme when applying ultra-clean syngas for a gas turbine with heat recovery by steam cycle for district heating and cooling DHC systems. This chapter aims to examine the lritis trends in gasification-based waste-to-energy technologies. Furthermore, types of gasification technologies, their challenges and future perspectives in various applications are highlighted in detail.

Prinsip dari tegangan permukaan adalah energi tarik menarik antar partikel, sedangkan prinsip dari Prinsip dari tegangan permukaan adalah energi tarik menarik antar partikel, sedangkan prinsip dari turbiditas adalah penghamburan cahaya oleh molekul koloid.

Metode yang digunakan adalah pengukuran tegangan permukaan dengan metode pipa kapiler dan turbiditas dengan turbidimetri. The most recent list up to April of publications. Ads help cover our server costs.

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