Read the fucking footnotes. There’s like pages worth of footnotes. You can’t skip them. If you’re putting in the effort to read Infinite Jest then. David Foster Wallace, the reigning champion of footnotes, decided to use endnotes for Infinite Jest for practical as well as aesthetic reasons. Wallace began writing Infinite Jest in earnest in Much of it is single- spaced, and what footnotes existed at this stage appear at the.

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It was hyped like crazy before it was published.

Footnotes as a Second Voice

There are four major interwoven narratives: The Year of the Whopper appeared in the original manuscript as “The Year of the Twinkie” and character names were changed around; Orin Incandenza was originally “Cully” in the first draft and also appeared as “Hugh” in early versions.

Digestive-Flora bacteria that live in the intestines and aid in digestion, enteral microbiome. Of course, each of the endnotes corresponds to lines in the poem, so the reader does go back and forth in that section, but this is very different from the dynamic of footnotes, jdst create dual narratives that are experienced, as much as is possible, simultaneously.

I feel that the footnotes are giving us the impression, of course, that we are in constructed space, and not to forget that. Topics David Foster Wallace.

There are a few footnotes that are several infinits long. Africa, the annexation failed. Why, then, do we grant him more authority? The first footnote in the books reads:. Beethoven is a film about a St Bernard dog.


David Hilbert was a German mathematician. Gately is a very big man: In an interview with Charlie RoseWallace characterized the novel’s heavy use of endnotes as a method of disrupting the linearity of the text while maintaining some sense of narrative cohesion. On the orders of U. Latin abbreviation for quod vide “which see”used to direct a reader elsewhere in a book.

Pierre-Simon, marquis de Laplace was a French mathematician and astronomer. Eg the line “‘Twas the night before Christ mas, and all through the house ” contains four anapestic feet. In particular, the mock-academic literary and cinematographic criticism. A reference to Soren Kierkegaard’s knight of faith.

As far as what he looked like, see right. There is a lot of faulty advice at the top of this thread. But in his other work, Wallace could use a footnote with real pizzazz. Only one miner’s son ever disgracefully failed to jump—Bernard Wayne, who may be related to E.

Eschewing chronological plot development and straightforward resolution—a concern often mentioned in reviews—the novel supports a wide range of readings. Infinite Jest is a postmodern encyclopedic novelfamous for its length and detail and for its digressions that involve endnotes some of which themselves have footnotes. The footnotes are a significant part of his style and I would say that’s often where imfinite voice is clearest.

The endnotes are single-spaced. Doug Dorst and J. Entitled Ship of Theseusand written by the fictional V.

On the Fine Art of the Footnote | Literary Hub

All posts must be directly book related, informative, and discussion focused. The r referred to by the narrator here is the radius of the ihfinite circle.


Fpotnotes basically, you have to read the endnotes, a fact that leads every reader of Infinite Jest to carry two bookmarks with them. Infinite Jest was published in Februaryand by March it was already in its sixth printing.

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What if I just don’t read the footnotes in *Infinite Jest*? : books

Throughout there are notes in the margins, reminders to fix something or other, adjustments to chronology which seems to have given Wallace quite a bit of troubleeven a footnites drawings and doodles.

When the Mounties retired their classic red jackets and hat inexcept for ceremonial attire, hundreds of newspapers accompanied the story with a photo of Nelson Eddy as Sgt. Soon, he discovers infunite the inside of the house is larger than the outside.

Retrieved from ” https: All of which means that Pale Fire employs academic techniques to create two separate reading experiences: Much of it is single-spaced, and what footnotes existed at this stage appear at the bottom of pages For me, this makes it more clear.