BEGINNER TRAINING CALENDAR WEEKS RUSHFIT. BUILD MUSCLE CUT WEIGHT & GET IN SHAPE. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE RushFit Schedule for Intermediate level by Tesnikola in Types > Recipes/Menus. Cardio +. Stretch for Flex Explosive Power Training Cardio +. Balance & Agility Strength & Endurance W e e k s 5 – 8 Gsp Rushfit Assessment. Uploaded by. 1 8. Uploaded by .. Rushfit Workout Guide. Uploaded by. Nitin Gandhi · Gsp Rushfit Assessment. Uploaded by.

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I did finish late because I injured some cartilage near my ribs and needed to rest it up for a few weeks before I could continue. With that said, GSP Rushfit was a hell of a program and a lot of fun.

RushFit Workout Review

Pierre and designed and guided by his trainer Eric Owings. GSP goes through the workouts with you and adds some hilarious colour commentary every once in a while, but most of the narration and coaching is done by Eric.

Each week consists of 6 days on, and 1 day off rest day. GSP Rushfit is an 8 week program with calendars for beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

I ended up going with the advanced program because when I did the fit test I was toe to toe with the champ with my numbers. As far as I can tell, the only difference between the beginner and advanced program is that in advanced you just do more workouts in the 8 week period.


In the last half of the advanced calendar there are doubles two workouts a day almost everyday. I thought this was a tad lame and lazy on the part of the designers but most of my days I was going to jiu jitsu training so figured that would do. There are 7 workouts to do over the 8 weeks:.

Rushfit Workout Review

The rushfjt all start with the same warmup and end with the same cool down. The warmup did an average job at warming up the appropriate joints. It should have focused more on the ankles and shoulders because those are used a lot in the programs.

The cool down is also way too long. It is only 7 minutes, but when you are doing doubles you really just want to get the heck out of there because you are so pooped. The workouts themselves are all 5 rounds to simulate a championship UFC fight except for the Workoyt and Balance and Agility workouts. All of the workouts were great and varied to keep things interesting.

The Right GSP Rushfit Workout Program | PDF Flipbook

What was really cool for me to see was watching GSP do his thing. You could tell he xalendar really great at explosive stuff but really sucked at isometrics and flexibility movements.

He cheated like most people do and Eric would call him out on it. It was rather entertaining. I found Full Body Strength and Conditioning to be the most challenging and by round 4 was pretty tired.

Strength and Endurance was also pretty tough and had me gasping for air by the end of it. My favourite workout was The Fight Conditioning Workout because it involved a lot of coordination involving striking, grappling, wrestling and judo components. If you liked this review, you may also like my P90X2Rip: There are 7 workouts to do over the 8 weeks: You only really need dumbbells.


Cons of GSP Rushfit Complex movements such as the Turkish get up should not be in a home study course, in my opinion, because if done improperly could result in injury Workouts are too long and there is too caendar chit chat between the warmup and the workout and the workout rushfif cool down.

GSP Rushfit is an excellent program that will whip you into shape. Like most of these home workouts, it does require a time commitment. It comes down to your priorities and what you value in life.

If you are a fan of GSP and love mma and are looking to get a little more physically calendarr and lose weight, this is the product for you. I did feel some carry over strength that translated in my jiu jitsu training with GSP Rushfit. Maybe you will too! Recent Posts Tags Late mid-year update A familiar feeling I am going to India!