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While his initial works were mostly pop rock-oriented, in his later career he often used elements of rockchanson and folk musicwhile his lyrics often dealt with romantic, humorous or political and social themes.

He has a sister, Jasna. He started writing poetry in primary school. He left high school in the third year because, in his words, he hated subjects like mathematicsphysics knih chemistry but managed to get a high school diploma as part-time student and passed the preliminary exam for the university study of geography. He never graduated from the university.

The song became popular with both the communist authorities and the people, becoming an anthem of the Yugoslav youth. However, Rani Ld officially dissolved shortly afterwards. He spent the winter of on a tour, during which he sold out Belgrade’s Sava Center hall for the first time. His Sava Center concerts would become his trademark in years to follow.


The album featured a gift 7″ single with previously unreleased tracks “” and “Poluuspavanka “Half-Lullaby”.

The song was recorded live with a large children’s choir. The song “Sugar Rap” featured caricatured rap sound. The album Marim ja One of Those Lives After a long break, at the beginning ofhe issued Na posletku Nearly all instruments on onin album are acoustic, with the violin becoming dominant and woodwind instruments heavily used.

Inthe live album Da l’ je sve bilo samo fol? The album comprised 12 songs, each having a female name as its title. George Choir, and others.

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Apart from performing his songs, he has a custom of making long pauses between songs and commenting on current events. Therefore, his concerts are more of a cabaret than rock concerts in the common sense of the word.

Together with another early single “Triput sam video Tita” “I Saw Tito Three Times”these songs summed up his early political position: He openly criticised Serbian, Croatian and Slovene nationalism. The book YU Inthe song “Slovenska” was polled No.

While his initial works were mostly pop rock-oriented, in his later career he often used elements of rock, chanson and folk music, while his lyrics often dealt with romantic, humorous or political and social themes. It may refer to: The album’s biggest hits were the ballads “Ne volim januar”, “Bezdan” and “Ne lomite mi bagrenje”.

Live versions of “Ne volim januar” usually feature a long concluding monologue. Some critics stated that the song was ohih speaking against Albanian terror over Serbs in the conflict on Kosovo.

Jedan od onih života – Wikipedia

Panta Rei or Panta Rhei may refer to: Panta rhei Heraclitus”everything flows” i e. Rani Mraz Serbian Cyrillic: The two released two studio albums under the name Rani Mraz, before officially dissolving in Tri posleratna druga trans. He started performing with bands from Herceg Novi, and initially he played the guitar. As a member of the band Krune The Crowns bakasevic switched from bass guitar to drums.


After he left Krune, he played with the bands Veritas 19 and Exodus. At the time he also practiced water polo and swimming, and often won medals on junior championships. He made his first studio recordings as a member of the group Bokelji, with which he recorded an album with traditional songs from Dalmatia.

In Augusthe moved to Belgrade. He soon went on a Soviet Union tour as He reached out, not without shame, to his lost friends in war-torn Bosnia with “Sevdalinka”, and showed sincere resentment, but little to no regret, at the NATO bombing of Novi Sad in “Dok gori nebo nad Novim Sadom”. Featuring only acoustic instruments, Naposletku Mojoj mami umesto maturske slike u izlogu trans. Inthe album was polled as the 44th on the list of knih Yugoslav rock and pop albums in the book YU The Best albums of Yugoslav pop and rock music.

U tvojim molitvama — Balade trans. The album features the previously unrecorded “Samo da rata ne bude”, recorded with a children’s choir. The song lyrics warn about the war which indeed will start three years laterdelivering a knih of pacifists throughout then still existing SFR Yugoslavia. Track listing “Neko to od gore vidi sve” — 4: The album’s main hits were the optimistic song “Ja luzer?

The album featured new studio version of Da l’ je sve bilo samo fol? Was Everything just Pretending? Track listing “Neki novi klinci” — 5: Hi-Fi Centar was a record label based in Belgrade, Serbia. The company was originally formed in as a music store and was originally named Audio Klub Centar. In it changed the name dojrdje Hi-Fi Centar and moved to record publishing. Artists Some of the artist that balaeevic been signed to Hi-Fi Centar include: During the s he recorded a large number of hit songs and zlvota the first superstar of the Yugoslav popular music,[1] but also achieved large bzlasevic in Soviet Union.

Inhe suffered a stroke on stage, from which he partially recovered, but decided to retire from the scene, to this day appearing live occasionally only.

The album brings a bit more rock-ish sound for Colic who up to this point mostly dabbled in straight pop. This is a list of musicians who have both significant folk and rock elements in their music, even if they are not considered primarily folk rock artists.

Look up pub, Pub. A pub is a public house or bar. Pub or PUB may also refer to: Named in honor of Juan Antonio Samaranch in after his death, it was used for various sporting events at the Winter Olympics, and will be the main venue of the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival.

History The building of the complex started in June and was officially opened by former President of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch, on February 14, It was described as an “ultramodern, angular edifice”[3] with a copper roof. The indoor venue hosted ice hockey and figure skating events, Spaladium Arena is a multi-purpose sports and entertainment arena located in Split, Croatia. Dubioza kolektiv performed a concert on March 1, Album, released infeatures new mostly acoustic studio versions of the songs “Marim ja The songs that were origi This is a list of Serbian musicians.


He is widely considered as one of the top and most influential authors of the Serbian and Yugoslav rock scene. One of his earliest songs, “Moje tuge”, was later recorded and included as a track on Suncokret’s album Moje bube. Jack cards of all four suits in the English pattern A jack or knave is a playing card which, in traditional French and English decks, pictures a man in the traditional or historic aristocratic dress generally associated with Europe of the 16th or 17th century.

The usual rank of a jack, within its suit, plays as if it was an 11 that is, between the 10 and the queen. As the lowest face or “court” card, the jack often represents a minimum standard — for example, many poker games require a minimum hand of a pair of jacks “jacks or better” in order to continue play.

History Knave of coins from the oldest known European deck c. This was the lowest of the three court cards and like all court cards was depicted through abstract art or calligraphy. Inthey were joined by two more members: It is used mostly for team handball and basketball matches. The stadium has a capacity of 5, people. It was used as one of the venues during the World Men’s Handball Championship.

The arena was officially opened on 6 December In its short history the arena jedwn numerous artists such as: Fish Stew is a Serbian and Yugoslav rock band from Belgrade. The band was one of the most popular and most influential acts of the Yugoslav rock scene. Their debut release, the single “Lutka sa naslovne strane”saw huge success and launched them to fame. In the mid s, the band saw a slight decli Alina Orlova at a concert Sung poetry is a broad and imprecise music genre widespread in European countries, such as Poland and the Baltic States, to describe songs consisting of a poem most often a ballad and music written specially for that text.

The compositions usually feature djrdje delicate melody and scarce musical djordue, often comprising a guitar or piano. Some sung poetry performers are singer-songwriters, others use known, published poems, or collaborate with contemporary writers.

Artists of sung poetry include people of various occupations usually with little or no particular music education, as well as zivoa actors. Sung poetry shares much in common with the author’s song in Russia yet differs from it in a significant way: Yugoslavs in Serbia Serbian: