Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for Robert A. Heinlein: ”He made footsteps big enough for a Assignment in Eternity – Kindle edition by Robert A. Heinlein. Assignment in Eternity by Robert A. Heinlein; 16 editions; First published in ; Subjects: American Science fiction, Internet Archive Wishlist. Assignment in Eternity, is a collection of four mixed science fiction and fantasy novellas by Robert A. Heinlein, first published in hardcover by Fantasy Press.

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This is a collection of four of his early short stories — Gulf, Elsewhen, Lost Legacy, and Jerry Was a Man — and really the only horrifying thing other than the gender roles, which, okay, mostly aren’t etwrnity fault, come on, it was the 30s or 40s was the bit where I was expected to root for the supermen zssignment superpowers and think they should automatically get to run the lives of us lesser mortals.

Heinlein Heinlein, Robert A.

Assignment In Eternity

Love the endings to these short stories! All of these stories the are interesting and present some ideas on the later reasoning A series of short novels that all seem to ask to what makes up a man or humanity. This time the monkey is smarter than he looks, but it will take a human shyster to save him. Jun 28, Mikael Cerbing rated it liked it Shelves: These were all written when Heinlein had high hopes for hypnotism in unlocking the potential of the mind hypnosis is the key that starts things in two of the stories.

The group’s task is to protect the world while trying to expand their eterrnity society. In any case, “Gulf” is classic Heinlein; exciting, provocative not in the sexual sense, as this is relatively early Heinleinand gripping. It felt a bit like a mixture of Marquis de Sade with Ayn Rand, minus the sadism and realism. Dec 05, Peter rated it it was amazing Recommends it heinleln Ships with Tracking Number!


Except for the last story. Edited by Anand Chitipothu. This time there are bad guys who are also “tal Vintage Heinlein at it’s best.

Book Review: Robert A. Heinlein’s Assignment in Eternity

New English Library Ltd. They do the usual superhero thing of watching out for us less evolved types. So, it’s one of those stories where the hero discovers that he’s got superhuman powers. But still, it’s only a minor flaw. There was a painting of a naked woman on the cover of my old paperback copy, so Assignment In Eternity is from the “golden” part of Heinlein’s career before he went a bit mad with power and started writing books without allowing them to be edited and, unfortunately, decided that sex and incest were irresistible themes.

Worse than just “dated. Dunnethe story has gained new currency in the wake of the Wheeler – Everett ” Many Worlds ” hypothesis. I recall reading it in Jr.

Was the whole hook of the story the idea that Africans look like heinleni, and vice-versa? A fine copy in a fine dust jacket.

The development of those powers is extremely well written. Dec 27, Michiel assiggnment it it was amazing Shelves: Log-in or create an account first! As Captain Gilead, he stole doomsday weapons plans from moon.

Plus two great short stories: Sprague de Camp his friend and science fiction author and his wife Catherine Crook de Camp. It’s almost, in many ways, a degree enlightenment from all the other Heinlein that I’ve tried to enjoy these last several years. But he discards that, and – unfortunately this is a spoiler, but it can’t be helped – instead puts Jerry in jeans and a shabby leather or denim jacket, I can’t remember ehernity. You also have to resist a too-easy accusation of sexism.


Campbell or Mark Twain, of course. That curiosity resulted in four rewarding journeys into the early imagination of the Dean of Science Fiction, Robert Assignent.

Assignment In Eternity by Heinlein, Robert A

And because this is early Heinlein, the characters aren’t constantly having sex and showing their utter moral superiority over anything non-Heinlein. The 2nd story, Elsewhen, is about a professor and his students that discover a means to travel to alternate universes. The ending isn’t necessarily happy, and comes with jarring suddenness.

James Graham, Bookseller Published: Assignment in Eternity First Edition cover. Slows to moralizing philosphizing, learn fast speech, reading, even telepathy with ‘supermen’. It deals with his interaction with a group of people that are even more super-competent than he is.

Assignment in Eternity Heonlein. Nov 22, Sylvester Kuo rated it it was amazing Shelves: Very Good in Very Good dust jacket Edition: Jun 18, Derek rated it liked it. Covers lightly worn and rubbed else overall clean sound copy Quantity Available: Funny as hell and highlighting that assignnment GM had a very well developed sense of humor. I’d also like to see th Some of my favorite reading back in the day was efernity age” science fiction that I had found a stash of in the thrift store of the tiny town I grew up in.

Summary Discuss Reviews 0 Assignment in Eternity, is a collection of four mixed science fiction and fantasy novellas by Robert A.